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Arizona Registered Fugitive Recovery Agent

California Licensed Investigator and Fugitive Recovery Agent

We are highly trained and experienced Fugitive Recovery Agents  working under contract with Licensed Bondsman and Surety Bond Providers. We are former local, federal, and military law enforcement officers, certified protection agents, and certified firearms instructors.


Our team is led by experienced and professional Licensed Private Detectives and each Agent is trained  for the Fugitive Recovery mission. Bail Bond companies and other similar business entities can count on us as professional Bail Enforcement Agents to conduct business in a way that does not increase liability and financial exposure but instead reduces such concerns.


   AZ Fugitive Recovery Specialists

We specialize in Skip Investigations, lead generation, surveillance and restraint and arrest techniques.

Every Agent is trained by former law enforcement and experienced enforcement agents in the following:

  • Proper warrant process and paperwork

  • De-escalation of force options and advanced handcuffing and control techniques

  • Tactical approach to arrest to reduce liability

  • Arizona laws related to bail enforcement and use of force

  • Tactical weapons training, room entry, and searching techniques

  • Fugitive transport and jail intake processing

  • Civilian and law enforcement conbatives and martial arts experience

  • Every agent carries an (IFAK) first aid trauma kit and is trained in (TECC) Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

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Every agent will be wearing appropriate protective vests with  clearly visible "Fugitive Recovery Agent"  patches on it. And all agent will wear a GPS, time, and date stamped body camera for every encounter.


Contact us for a free confidential consultation.

Mr. Martin, Licensed Investigator and registered Fugitive Recovery Agent

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