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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do private investigators need a license? Is your company licensed?
In most states a private investigator must meet specific training and strict regulatory requirements. Our company is licensed In California and Arizona.


Does your agency provide VIP security services?
We offer special VIP packages for high profile/high risk individuals and threat assessment analysis. Find out more.


How much does a private investigation cost?
Reputable agencies require that you post a retainer fee upon contract. The retainer fee is based on location, the type of case, and the estimated time required accomplishing all the objectives ordered by the client. We provide specific quotes and hourly rates upon every consultation. We also provide discounts for active duty military and clients referred by any law firm. Find out more.


Can I follow my spouse and do my own detective work?
Such activities are frequently perceived by the courts as stalking and in many cases result in a restraining order prohibiting further contact with your spouse. The preferred method would be to hire a reputable, professional investigator that can obtain physical evidence and video as well as provide witness testimony.


My spouse is hiding money and assets from me and refuses to tell me where it is. Can your company locate the assets for me?
 Financial information like bank accounts are searchable. These records would show name and current amount in accounts.

Does your company provide background checks on individuals?
We do provide background checks for clients that have been properly screened meet all requirements, and that have an active agreement for investigative services.


Does your company sell search services online?
No. We provide investigative services exclusively to clients that have formally retained our services by executing a written agreement for services.


We have an employee that we believe is stealing from the company? Can you help us?
We perform fraud investigations that deploy an array of different skill sets to uncover such activities. You may also wish to consider hiring an investigator to perform undercover operations and audits to catch the thief.


How long has your company been in business? How much experience do you have?
Our company was established in 1989 and is licensed to operate in the State of California  and Arizona. We have 30 years of civilian, Federal, and military law enforcement and  investigative experience. We are also Certified Executive Protection Agents. Find out more.


Can you obtain someone's driving record for me?
Individuals driving record is protected under privacy laws. Although we do have authorized access to DMV databases we may only access these records for legitimate, verified purposes. For example, if an individual applies for a job that requires a background investigation or due diligence check, the prospective employee must sign a release form and present it to the employer. This form will then be provided to us as evidence that the request is legitimate and meets local, state, and Federal requirements. We do not perform these services for the general public.


How do I know that my investigation will be kept confidential?
It is the policy of our company to never reveal the identity of our client to any second parties without the explicit, written authorization by the client. The obvious exception to this rule is that we will follow any legal directives, subpoenas, or court orders requiring us to unseal the case file.


I tried to hire your company to perform an investigation but you refused the case, why?
It is the policy of our company to properly screen every client. We also reserve the right to screen the intentions of our prospective clients. If we feel that the requests made by any client could (1) pose an inherent danger to any investigator, or (2) pose a threat to the general public, or (3) appear to be the actions of a stalker, we reserve the right to refuse to provide services.


How long does it take to activate a case?
In most cases, if the client is available and we have all pertinent information, along with payment, a case can be activated within 24 hours.

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