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Rates and Fees


Our Case Acceptance Policy

When we do take your investigation, you are guaranteed a professional, responsible, friendly, and understanding service that will exceed your highest expectations. Our exceptionally friendly service begins with your first contact of Martin's Private Investigations. The investigator will openly answer your questions, fill in the blanks when you are not sure what to ask, and never intimidate or pressure you in any way. You would not call if you weren't already experiencing some problem and we will not add to your concern.

 Our primary objectives, in order of importance are:

  • Protect the safety and security of everyone.

  • Protect the covert nature (confidentiality) of the investigation.

  • Obtain the information and/or evidence/information requested by our client

  • Perform the first three objectives efficiently, with the least possible cost to our client.


Investigations can be complex and every investigation has its own unique set of circumstances. Some investigations, like finding records in a local courthouse, can be straightforward while other investigations, like surveillance, require a great deal of experience and skill.  Basic rates and fees are quoted below.  The total cost of your investigation is determined by the services contracted to successfully complete your case.

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person to discuss your investigative needs and identify any special circumstances involved in your case.  We will determine your specific service requirements and provide a cost estimate to complete your investigation.  Rates quoted below are basic minimums. 

Basic Case Rates

  • Case Retainer Fee: $250

  • Hourly rate:  $60.00 per hour plus expenses (such as lodging, meals, photography, etc.).

  • Mileage rate: $.60 per mile.

 Day Rates

  • Full day flat rate (including up to 100 miles) - $400

  • 1/2 day flat rate (including up to 50 miles) - $200

  • Retainer in the amount of half of the total cost is required.

"Full day" is at least 8 hours, "1/2 day" is between 4 and 5 hours. Additional mileage billed at discounted rate of $.35 per mile

Payment Policy

All fees and expenses must be paid in full at time of receipt of final investigative reports.  Only cash, credit cards (Pay-Pal, Discover Card, Master Card and Visa), certified checks or money orders are accepted. We have a convenient PayPal option below for your payment. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If investigators have been scheduled at client's request, payment of minimum hours per investigator scheduled will not be refunded unless client provides written notice of cancellation at least 48 hours prior to scheduled service.  Any expenses incurred will not be refunded, regardless of notice of cancellation being provided.

Should the services rendered require less time than the amount of the retainer, the difference will be refunded.  Should the services rendered require more time than the amount of the retainer; the client will be contacted before further investigative time is invested.  The client has the option to discontinue the investigation after the initial retainer has been exhausted, unless other prior arrangements have been made.

Use PayPal as a convenient way to pay for the initial Retainer at start of Investigation.


Retainer payment of $125

Retainer payment of $250

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Retainer payment of $350

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Retainer payment of $500

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